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police in san jose are callg him "public enemy number inal.. and a da >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. police in san jose are calling him public enemy number one. a violent criminal and a danger to the community. >> after a weekend crime spree that left one man dead and a police officer injured, one suspect is still on the run. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is on the developing story. >> reporter: the city raised the reward money to $20,000. they are asking for the public's help in identifying this suspect and getting him
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off the streets before somebody else becomes a victim. this is who police are looking for, a man in his early 20s, 5'10" to 6 feet tall who officers call armed, dangerous and a threat to the community. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks, who is in custody, went on a slight rampage friday night killing a man and injuring an officer. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who have no regard for human life. >> reporter: their crime spree started around 7:30 when they robbed a little caesar's at gunpoint, then a gas station, jack-in-the-box and spa. then they drove to a 7-eleven where 22-year-old rory parkpettiford found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. he was shot during an attempted carjacking. >> rory parkpettiford was an innocent victim doing what we have all done, stopping at a convenience store for soda, coffee, snack, whatever. and he needlessly died doing
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so. >> reporter: a police chase turned into a shootout. one officer was injured, wilbanks was also hit but continued to drive until he crashed and was found hiding in a house. his passenger ran away. three days later still no sign of that second suspect. outside the 7-eleven a memorial for parkpettiford continues to grow and so do concerns. >> it's scary. i work around the corner. i don't know if i'm safe or not. >> this doesn't happen around here. >> reporter: the mayor's office is matching the $10,000 reward put out by the san jose police officers association. this brings the reward money for information that leads to an arrest to $20,000. >> we don't want our community to take unnecessary risks but we know people know these suspects. we know that somebody has information. >> we're on the lookout. we all look out for each other around here. >> reporter: outside of the 7- eleven, friends and family members have been lighting candles and leaving messages for that 22-year-old victim.
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anybody with information can stay anonymous but you're still asked to give police a call. this marks the 42nd homicide in san jose this year. michelle. >> all right, elissa harrington, thank you. despite international efforts for a diplomatic solution, the violence between israel and hamas continues to escalate in the middle east. more than 90 people in gaza are dead and at least three israelis have been killed. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is in washington, d.c. to explain why israel is not ruling out a ground assault. >> reporter: a wounded palestinian woman was rushed to the hospital this morning in gaza. civilians are getting caught in the crossfire as israel and hamas launch rockets at each other in an escalating conflict. israelis say they are targeting weapons facilities, launch sites and police stations in gaza. hamas says 24 civilians have
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been killed in less than 24 hours. damage is massive residential neighborhoods. police say one of at least 75 rockets landed overnight. no casualties were reported in israel. >> ordered the school to close and there are no children inside the building. >> reporter: israel is now moving troops near the border and has not ruled out a ground assault in gaza. president obama is warning israel that a further escalation may derail peace talks and a two-state solution. while traveling in asia the president also made clear that he will not second-guess the strategy of one of america's allies. >> there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. >> reporter: egyptian diplomats are trying to broker a cease- fire. both israel and hamas are reportedly presenting egypt with their demands. what one official said, an immediate end to the deadly rocket attacks does not seem
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likely. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. victims of superstorm sandy have certainly not been forgotten. donations continue to pour in to the american red cross raising more than $140 million thus far. the relief agency is currently operating 472 shelters it more than 10 states. they have delivered millions of millions and relief items. bay area air quality officials are getting an update of repairs on chevron's refinery in richmond. they are upgrading unit 4, replacing equipment and cutting emissions. an explosion in august sent thousands of richmond residents to emergency rooms with breathing problems. meanwhile, an environmental group says independent testing shows cancer-causing chemicals still linger around homes in the area. global community monitor found traces of hydrocarbons over 9 square miles three months after
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the explosion. a quality owe -- air quality officials say there's no significant health risk, but it's also said monitoring of the air quality is inadequate. relief for drivers. gas prices down 82 cents from a month ago and we are no longer leading the nation with the highest pump prices. that dubious honor goes to hawaii hit hard. they are paying $4 .29 a gallon right now. the bay area down to 3.98. prices in solano county even better than that as low as 3.47. other bay area headlines, following on this monday, the reliability of san francisco's transit system is the focus of a public hearing today. muni's on-time rate in august was only 57%. city officials are now looking at muni maintenance and whether more money should be spent on its upkeep. expect to be a 24-hour strike at oakland international airport tonight. the service employees international union will be picketing starting at 9 p.m.
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tomorrow workers will strike at the port of oakland, as well. union workers say they have gone without a new contract for 16 months. handouts of turkey and other thanksgiving food began this morning in san jose. the goods were ready to be assembled before dawn at sacred heart community service. staff have now prepared boxes with turkeys, fruits and vegetables. up to 4,000 needy families are expected to receive the food boxes over the next three days. >> so what we see is a lot of people still struggling. they don't have full-time employment yet. maybe they have part-time jobs but even if they do, they're still lower paying jobs. those living wage jobs just aren't as much there anymore so we see a lot of people turning to us for help. the agency takes advance signups as well as walkiums. sacred heart has been providing holiday food boxes for nearly 50 years. and we don't want you to forget, we need your help to feed families for the holidays. cbs 5 is kicking off our "food for bay area families" annual holiday drive and the need is
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great. so if you wish to give, go to or check out the easy way to donate with whole foods' "grab and give" program. 24 years after her daughter disappeared, michaela garecht's mother isn't giving up hope waiting for test results on a key piece of evidence. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran has the story. >> reporter: yellow ribbons to remember a missing hayward girl. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: in this parking spot by this market, it was the last place anyone ever saw her 24 years ago. >> that's what these gatherings for me are about. it's to remember michaela to reach out to her to send her our love wherever she is. >> reporter: sharon murch and her supporters visit here every year letting all know her search isn't over. >> this community and this
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family still persevere in a relentless way keeps michaela's image and name in the forefront until we actually definitively find out what happened to her. >> reporter: what's different this year is this case could come to a close. murch is waiting for a test result on a bone fragment. >> i wondered if this might be the last year we do this, although i think that probably regardless of the results of the testing of that fragment, i'll probably still be here every year. >> reporter: the bone was found with other remains in a san joaquin well. it was sent to an arizona dna lab where it was supposed to go to virginia for more testing but a hayward police inspectors says that's not the case. >> the remains are very old. the extraction process is harder. so finding the labs that have the best technology to do that, that's what it boils down to. >> reporter: the bone is now head back to california where it will be tested here.
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investigators hope the results will come out within a month. maybe then a mother can find closure and finally put her daughter to rest. in hayward, cate caugiran, cbs 5. still ahead, they are supposed to be the biggest deals of the year. but could you save more money by shopping today instead of black friday? we're going to break down what's really a steal and what's not. >> plus, could where you work increase your risk of getting breast cancer? the jobs that women may want to avoid. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. so far so dry around the bay area today. lots of snow in the high country. and there's more on the way. maybe some rain here, too. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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snack afterall.. the company is in bankruptsy court today.. asking for
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permission to liquidate its assets and go out of busine. that could mean its most por will go up for sa some good news. i may not have to hoard hostess snacks. the company is asking for permission in bankruptcy court to go out of business. that could mean its most popular products will go up for sale. with 2.5 billion in revenue a year, someone may buy a piece of hostess and carry on the brand. >> so the twinkie may live on. shoppers are in live for black friday deals right now. this is the scene in pinole. people camped out overnight at a best buy. some set up camp annually and have not had thanksgiving dinner at home in years. instead, they count on relatives to bring them food from the feast. and they claim they enjoy camping in those tents on the hard concrete because they get great deals. >> there you go. >> okay. those hard core shoppers won't like this. new research shows that black friday isn't what it used to be. the deals with not the best of the year. as julie watts reports,
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depending on the products, you're likely to find a better deal before or after the big day. reporter: we see it every year, the shopping stampede shortly after the last slice of pumpkin pie. but this year, you may want to stay home and digest because a lot of those black friday specials aren't so special. >> the goal of ads is to drum up excitement. >> reporter: but they say many black friday ads this year look awfully familiar. >> 90% of the retails we looked at were going to sell at least one of the exact same item at the same price this year as last year's black friday. >> reporter: for example, last year radioshack advertised this 500 gig usb for 49.99. this year it's offering the same product for the same price. it turns out it's not even the best price. >> this item started going on sale around august of this year. >> reporter: the usb price hit
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rock bottom five days ago selling for $5 cheaper than the black friday ad. similar for this wireless printer at staples selling for $199 this black friday, the same as last black friday but you could have bought it cheaper a month ago. >> the rock bottom price for this printer was 179.99. >> reporter: the lesson in. >> prices bounce around all the time. >> reporter: stores use ads to get you in the door in hopes you will fill your basket once you're there. but buyer beware. just because something says it's on sale doesn't mean it's a bargain. >> don't assume everything in the store is a good deal. >> reporter: retail experts say you should avoid buying toys, jewelry, winter clothes and watches on black friday. prices for those items will be cheaper later in the season, especially the first two weeks in december. >> not much left after that. remember, a lot of those door buster deals are for very limited quantities. stores offer them just to get you in the door and say, oh, all those are gone but you might like this over there. >> we could do what you do and
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wait until the day after christmas. >> you can buy a tree and all kinds of ornaments cheaply a couple of days after christmas. >> what a deal! i love those crowds, aren't they fantastic? >> so much fun. >> yes. they're a joy to be around. around the bay area today we have a couple of clouds moving on by. a lot of sunshine mixed in between. hi-def doppler is up looking for some raindrops. right now, it is quite the but that may change. there's still a slight chance we could see some sprinkles in the north bay. out over the bay right now we have some partly cloudy skies, temperatures beginning to warm up a bit. 66 in concord. 62 in san francisco. and 65 degrees very pleasant into san jose right now. in the north bay those clouds are a bit thicker and yes indeed, we are going to see more clouds on and off into the afternoon and then tonight becoming mostly cloudy, it looks like rain could make a return tomorrow especially in the latter half of the day. right now we have a weak ridge of high pressure overhead. a lot of clouds to our north right now but eventually they will trickle into the bay area with
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chance of sprinkles in the north bay. it will take until tomorrow afternoon before we start to see it move down. once it drags down, it will bring the rain line further south but for today most of that staying to the north. so let's time it out. a couple of clouds out there right now moving across our skies and a mixture of sunshine and occasionally sprinkles in the north bay. but late in the day, that system brings a chance of bay area for tomorrow night. then by wednesday a busy travel day, it looks like things clear out. around the state you will find 60s in the central valley. mostly cloudy lake tahoe. temperatures expecting to be in the 60s around the bay. next couple of days we'll see unsettled weather on tuesday. the good news is, comes late in the day then overnight on tuesday. by wednesday we clear out and dry weather returns for thanksgiving and friday looking good. and by the way, did we mention, yup, we have a big game tonight! we have the 49ers and the bears. partly cloudy, 60 degrees right here on cbs 5. >> nice football weather. >> it's great football weather.
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no rain. i mean, this is a good game, too. >> i like it. >> the perfect segue. 49ers are alex smith-less tonight. he is still feeling the next of that concussion he suffered last week against the rams. the doctors say he is a no go tonight. he will watch. the fifth quarter follows the game with full locker room reaction. game starts at 5:30. when we come back a breakthrough with the study of auto-immune disorders. the finding that could help treat m.s., asthma and food allergies. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they say they've found a wao stop the immune system from attacking a person's nerves. people with m- scientists call it a breakthrough in the study of multiple sclerosis finding a way to stop the immune system from attacking a person's nerves. people with m.s. can suffer paralysis, numbness and blindness. it's an incurable disease but there is some hope. researchers at northwestern have found a tiny nanoparticle that is able to fool the immune system and stop it from attacking. they say those nanos could also someday help treat other auto immune diseases like type 1 diabetes, food allergies or asthma. and new research shows a possible link between certain
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jobs and breast cancer. >> jobs likes food canning, plastics manufacturing and metalwork, women exposed to carcinogens and chemicals could increase their risk of cancer. so if you yawn, i yawn, right? this happens every morning. >> yeah, do you. >> but does your dog yawn, too? >> well, good question, michelle. he probably does. researchers say this finding sheds a lot of light on why yawns are so catchy. researchers observed the response of dogs playing with a person who repeatedly yawns. dogs older than 7 months shoulder signs of contagious yawning. younger puppies didn't. researchers say dogs like humans develop empathy as they age enabling them to identify others' emotions and respond accordingly. the information could actually help in understanding conditions like depression and anxiety, which affect the mood and emotions, not only of those suffering but also of those around them. >> i want to yawn now. >> good. thanks for that. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster
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to hoard your favorite hosts snack afterall.. it's tail for this week's best buys. -- time for this week's best buys. check your local ads, very important, and the quality. we're going to start with these beautiful pears from the state of washington. both bosc and bartlett pears that's great prices now. the average price on ads is about $1.49 a pound. that he was a great deal.
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loaded with flavor and nutritional value. and pomegranites, the holiday time, and pomegranites right now are coming in with some great value and flavor. look how beautiful they should. those big red seeds loaded with juice. large ones are $1.49 each. one of my favorite of all vegetables so colorful and so good for you, they are super food. swiss chard. red swiss chard, white swiss chard, rainbow swiss chard, that's the bunch with many different colors, you can find these beautiful swiss chard at the market right now for about $1.69 a bunch. that's also a great deal. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. ciao. breaking news. earlier we told you about hostess being in bankruptcy court asking for permission from the judge to liquidate its assets and go out of business. that judge told them that their union first has to go through a mediation process so he basically told hostess you can't shut down everything
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right now and the in the interim you have to keep making product until they work through it. so for the time being they are still going to be in business. that's it for us. captions by: caption colorado
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